ITP | Why the ITP?
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Why the ITP?

You can rely on the ITP, we really do know what we’re doing.  We have been representing professionals in our industry for over 100 years and running our own Apprenticeship Scheme since 2013. Since we started, we have placed over 100 apprentices across the industry, so whether you have hired apprentices before, or if this is your first time, we are here to help.


We are the link between employers and apprentices.  With our own uniqueinsights into future industry trends,through ourexpert ITP board members and partners, we really understand what’s happening across the technology landscape. This means that we very quickly identify skills gaps that companies will be facing and the opportunities that this will present to potential Apprentices, who are entering the industry. Many of our members are former apprentices, so we understand from the ground up the challenges they face and their training needs both todayand in the future, as they develop into the next generation of industry leaders.

Benefits of the ITP scheme over traditional training providers

  • We minimise recruitment costs. We don’t aim to make money from recruitment.
  • We deliver a strong mix of face to face and online training options to that we can offer real flexibility to both employers and apprentices alike.
  • Will offer leading support and walk-through for ICTTech and RITTech applications once qualified.

What we offer


Over many years of experience, we have developed our scheme that benefits both employers and apprentices because we offer a complete service. We take care of everything from recruitment through to training and mentoring.


Our scheme offers:


  • Recruitment, working in partnership with employers.
  • Tailored digital training content.
  • Help and advice on accessing funding.
  • Assistance and guidance with administrative tasks.
  • Additional qualifications of ICTTech and RITTech.
  • Access to expert mentors.
  • Full ITP membership for apprentices and their managers, which includes access to free seminars with industry experts, quarterly magazines, behind-the-scenes visits of iconic technology locations and online training resources.
  • General management of the apprenticeship scheme from start to finish.
  • Ongoing support to both the apprentice and employer throughout the whole apprenticeship.