ITP | Employer Testimonials
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Employer Testimonials

Victor Adade

“The Level 3 IT Technical Sales apprenticeship provides a good wide-ranging framework for not only selling technical products and services but also maintaining good customer relationships and a solid understanding of relevant technologies. This has put the apprentice in good stead in benefitting their progress to a high level.”

Jon Ruffle
Arcom IT

“As an ICT company the Level 3 Unified Communication apprenticeship course is ideal for covering what we need someone trained in, very comprehensive and relevant content. An apprentice becomes an integrated member of the team whilst learning many new skills that also benefit the company for the future. The whole process was very easy with all the help from Charlotte and the team at the ITP and also GK who have also been involved in setting the whole scheme up for us. I would highly recommend any IT or telecoms business to consider an apprenticeship scheme like this with the ITP.”

Jason Pavey
BSO Networks

“The process of onboarding an apprentice was very straight forward with the ITP staff who are a very professional outfit. As a result of their hard work we were able to take on an apprentice at BSO based out of London. We cannot rate them highly enough and would certainly recommend any company looking to go the same route.”

Adam Richards

For us the benefits of apprenticeships with the ITP are:

  • The broad range of modules the course covers gives the apprentices an understanding of different subjects
  • The schedule of college and online learning time allows the apprentice to put into practice what they have learnt when they arrive back in the workplace environment
  • Having enthusiastic young people onsite has had a positive effect on our existing workforce
  • There has been a financial benefit too, the apprentices have quickly become valued members of the team completing some tasks that would normally have been given to higher paid workers”


Robert Buckingham

“Once DoubleEdge had committed to the idea of employing an apprentice we engaged with The ITP to ensure the hiring process was as smooth and pain free as possible – The ITP did not let us down. The ITP managed the initial search as well as the vetting of applicants culminating in an assessment day at our offices. I was impressed with the level of candidates and having made our decision; we are very excited to help build a young career. I have no doubt this scheme will not only benefit the young person we hired but also DoubleEdge and should we expand on our apprentice scheme we will look no further thanThe ITP.”

Danny Spooner

“I found the apprentice-style recruitment process extremely beneficial. Over the last 10 years I have carried out the interview process for many employees and have had many successes. However, I also do recall a few staff that were very good at the interview process who turned out to be very disappointing and didn’t last too long with our company!


After each task was completed I would have an open discussion with the ITP to gain their views on the candidates, and they gave me some very good feedback, which I found reassuring as they were very similar to my own thoughts. I made my final choice with great support and impartial advice from the ITP. Now, three months on, our apprentice Nathan is doing fantastically well in both the field and with his college work. We are very happy that we decided to move forward and support the scheme and encourage the more traditional apprentice route for training.


For me, the greatest benefit was being able to see 11 potential candidates apply themselves to challenging tasks and having to carry out a presentation to a group of 14 people. Being able to measure all of them over the period of a full day was far more beneficial and challenging than just carrying out 11 standard individual interviews.


The organisation, support and input from the ITP was very professional and they are clearly passionate and enjoy what they do. I will not hesitate in going through the process again as soon we are ready for the next apprentice, as this is a great format to really get a feel for the staff that I will be employing.”

Steve Hayden
Green Telecom

“Green Telecom are a small Independently owned telecoms company without the resources to run an apprenticeship scheme.


The ITP have proved invaluable to us in this area and our first apprentice through the ITP scheme has progressed to be a valuable member of the team. We were very proud when he was awarded the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award and shared the stage with apprentices from larger companies such as BT and Virgin Media. Our second (and current) apprentice is also progressing very well.


The ITP helped us with recruitment and managing the academic training side of the apprenticeship and the real benefits of having apprentices are that they emerge with your company ethos and work practices as well as recognised academic qualifications.


We would recommend apprenticeships and the ITP scheme in particular to other UK telecom companies to consider.”