ITP | Employer Overview
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Employer Overview

Are you looking for new talent?

Do you have a team member who would like to access Apprentice training?

Would you like an affordable Apprenticeship Scheme that provides bespoke apprentice training for your business?

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’, The ITP Apprenticeship Scheme could be exactly what you are looking for.


ITP has been training young people in the industry since its inception in 1906. From individuals to multinational companies, we understand what makes telecoms tick.


We have been running our own successful Apprenticeship Scheme since 2013. We are proud to have provided a range of companies with over 100 apprentices during that time.

Why is it different and what does it offer?

Our Scheme aims to relieve business of the admin burden that makes apprenticeships impossible for many. By using us, you never need worry about recruitment, accessing a college course or developing a training programme.

We offer:

  • Specific training content
  • Recruitment handled by ITP with employer input
  • Help and advice on accessing funding
  • Admin taken care of by ITP
  • Additional further qualifications of ICTTech and RITTech
  • And MORE! For further information, please see Why the ITP?